About us

Welcome to Novel Caviar, where innovation meets responsibility in the world of luxury delicacies.

We're a tech-focused research company, committed to revolutionizing the caviar production industry. Our main objective is to develop cutting-edge technologies for eco-friendly and efficient cell-cultivated caviar production.

Our team is deeply devoted to our mission, possessing a wealth of knowledge and expertise. We are geared towards achieving our primary objective of ensuring clean caviar is accessible to everyone.

brown and white fish in water
brown and white fish in water

Why Novel makes a difference

The concept of cell-grown caviar represents a potential leap forward in food production. It envisions the cultivation of sturgeon fish eggs directly from fish cell lines, which could potentially eliminate the need for traditional harvesting methods that harm these endangered creatures. By exploring tissue engineering techniques, there is the possibility of responsibly and sustainably meeting the global demand for caviar.

This conceptual approach promises a host of potential advantages, including significant environmental benefits, potential elimination of bacterial contamination, increased efficiency, traceable origins, and the potential to promote decentralized, localized food production.

Through ongoing research and development efforts in the realm of cell-grown caviar, we aspire to shape a future characterized by superior quality, enhanced nutritional value, and increased accessibility in the luxury food market, all while potentially reducing the strain on our planet.

Purity and Safety

Lab-cultured caviar eliminates the risks of impurities and bacteria inherent in the traditional farming model.

No-kill technology

No sturgeon are harmed, allowing their populations to thrive and offering these endangered fish an opportunity for recovery.

100% Caviar 

Lab-grown caviar is identical to harvested caviar in every way, it's real fish eggs, coming from a sturgeon cell line.

Known Origin

Lab-grown caviar boasts a clear and traceable origin, leaving no room for doubt regarding its source or the health of the fish from which it was produced.